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Certificates - holidays - vacation - relaxation - recharge your batteries

Summer has been with us for a long time and at every summer opportunity we take advantage of the nice weather to organize activities that we all enjoy. Whether it's going to the lake together, having a barbecue with friends and family, or football training on our premises.

But today is a special day, because our school-age players: inside get their certificates today. Today your diligence, effort and will are given in the testimony.

As in football, it's not just talent that counts, but above all the will to learn and improve. That's why these values are important to us as a sports club for the players: internally and encourage each individual.

And then comes the summer holidays, when all families, grandparents and children can intensively enjoy the time together and save many positive moments.

We wish all players: inside and members: inside a nice vacation time, nice summer holidays and look forward to welcoming you back to our premises and to your teams afterwards.

Your board and your youth leadership

TSV Allach 09

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