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4th test match of our 1. team men

Today, Sunday 27.02, our "First" met in the already 4. preparatory game on the Kreisklassisten FC Bosna H. Munich

The Allacher took the reins of action with kickoff of the game in hand, and pressed the opponent from the start in your own half, especially the instructions of the coach were clearly visible, namely to play patient possession football, and in high pressing to force the ball wins, this succeeded in the first phase of the game very well, and you could use relatively early one of the first chances. After a great cross from Roko Gojani was Samuel Klobucaric on the spot, this ran in wonderfully and came at the completely free to the header, and this chance he did not take, of course, and scored in the 11.minute the 1:0 for the "Kleeblättler" Klobucaric met already for the 3.times in the preparation!

The defense of Allacher had the opposing striker completely under control, where this was the "Achilles' heel" of our team in recent games, you could see that today a completely different face in defensive behavior was put on the day, with 12 goals conceded in the first 3 test matches could not be satisfied at all the coach Patrick and Ennis Ghigani, and so it was today the first default that "The zero must stand".

With increasing playing time, they also developed more and more scoring opportunities, which unfortunately as so often in the past could not be used, in the 31st minute of play after a great diagonal pass from Michael Scheurer and a great first contact of newcomer Robert Juric, this suddenly stood completely free in front of the guest keeper, and pushed the ball to 2:0 for the Allacher in the short corner.

With a 2-0 lead, it went into halftime, you did not let any chances of the opponent, and was superior in all respects you could be satisfied with the first 45 minutes, but it can also be 3 or even 4-0 at halftime, commented the Allach coach Patrick Ghigani the first 45 minutes.

Same picture then in the 2. Half, the Allacher the clearly game-dominant team, you let the opponents who certainly had your qualities on the ball no rooms to put their playing strength in the scene, and worked out with increasing playing time chance after chance very to the sorrow of the Allacher bench were partly miserably missed, you stood alone in half-time 2, 4x completely free in front of the opponent's goalkeeper, the game must be at this time already decided, and you could have done something for self-confidence, however, drags desen Allacher Abschlussschwäche now already through the whole season.

In the 73rd minute of the game, Ante Kraljevic then scored with a beautiful free kick that hit the goal unstoppable the longed for 3:0

As a result, the guests suddenly came through 2 individual errors to huge scoring opportunities and appeared 2x completely free in front of Stadler who made these two chances with great reflexes and saves, often already in the past, these games were tight at the end again for our eleven, but with these two actions of our keeper, the air was out with the opponent, and also no more rearing to be felt.

The game ended with 3:0 for the TSV Allach 09, you can be satisfied over wide stretches, especially with the aggressiveness and the duel leadership of my team, I am very satisfied today, the chance exploitation was once again deficient by my team, otherwise I can not evaluate that, so the coach of the Allacher after the game.

We take everything positive with us, and play already on Thursday the next test match against the district league team FC Kosova.




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31. Minute


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