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FC Kosova München - TSV Allach 09

5th test match against FC Kosova is first acid test

Our "First" met today, Thursday, March 03 in the already 5th test match in this preparation to FC Kosova, the Bezirksligist has strengthened in this winter transfer period with some players, and have also given up one or the other player, Robert Juric, who still played the first round in the Bezirksliga at FC Kosova, came back to Allach, and now met his old teammates, clear that he wanted to show what he can against his ex-team.

Our coach Patrick Ghigani also wanted to see a courageous defensive performance of his team today, you could see against FC Bosna on the past weekend a strong defensive performance of Allach, you wanted to go today against a much stronger opponent to the limits again and make an important step towards the start of the season on 13.03 at Spvgg Erdweg.

We are on the home stretch and must now internalize the subtleties and automatisms, so the coach of the Allacher before the game.

The spectators got to see with the kickoff a brilliant game, both teams gave nothing and at high speed the first hard duels were led, which was also to be expected, because both teams have a lot ahead in the second half, and can achieve your goals only if you come to 100%, this was clearly noticeable.

The Allacher showed themselves not at all impressed by the fast style of play of the opponent and were able to force the FC Kosova increasingly to ball losses by skillful pressing, with fast and direct passes to our Quirligen outer lanes we were able to impress the opponent, and gain respect, again and again it was Benett Adjili on the left flank of the defender before great problems, and broke through one time after another over the side. Our team showed especially in the first phase of the game a strong pressing behavior, and increasingly worked out spaces in the Gegnersichen half, and already after 12 minutes, the effort was rewarded, after strong Ballgewinn we could use the space, after a deflected shot from Uli Fries Benett Adjili was on the spot and pushed the leather to 1-0 lead over the line. The FC Kosova was visibly impressed by the style of play of TSV Allach 09, and it took until the 25th minute until they created the first great scoring opportunity, after a positional error of our central defense you could play a beautiful pass into the interface, and the striker was suddenly completely free in front of our goalkeeper, Uli Stadler could thwart this great opportunity, however, with a very good positional play, but now it was the FC Kosova increasingly took the game in hand, and in the 30th minute a chain of errors of the "Kleiner". Minute a chain of errors of the "Kleeblättler" exploited, Visar Aliji met with a beautiful volley to equalize. And only 5 minutes later it "rang" a second time in the Allach box, again an individual error led to the goal for FC Kosova, a long volley into the 16 meter space of Allach was misjudged, and it lacked the necessary resolution to attack the ball, so Shqipdon Ademi could press in the 35th minute the ball from 5 meters to 2:1 lead for FC Kosova over the line. In the aftermath, our "First" came again to a great scoring opportunity, Juric sat through strongly against his opponent, and left the ball to the run-along Adjili with a great feint the last defender ran into empty space and was completely free in front of the goalkeeper, but unfortunately did not bring the ball past this to 2:2 equalizer.

So it went into halftime with a narrow 2:1 lead for FC Kossova.

At the beginning of the 2nd half of the game, it was again the Allacher, who came better into the game, and increasingly had "high ball wins", Samuel Klobucaric showed again and again good pressing and duel behavior in the opponent's half and thus created the first two chances of TSV Allach, the two shooting chances, however, were thwarted by the strong goalkeeper of FC Kosova.

The flow of the game was broken by the many substitutions and of course, and it was also clear that with increasing playing time the two teams were tired, which is also clear at this time of preparation, FC Kosova showed partly very nice attacks, with fast direct play you could now get advantages, and in the 82nd minute it was again Visar Aliji one of these goals. Spielminute it was then again Visar Aliji one of these Kontor refined, with a very nice pass in the depth and another direct cross pass, the scorer was completely free in front of the box, and had to push the ball only into the empty goal.

This was at the same time also the final score of the game, you still had the one or other shot opportunity, but to a clear scoring chance came the Allacher no longer. Over long stretches, the TSV showed itself on a par with a strong Bezirksligisten certainly in this condition and with the newcomers they have to book in the second half of the season again a word want to talk, and to fight back against the threat of relegation.

The TSV Allach 09 now meets on Sunday at home in the last test on Vatanspor Freising, there one wants to use certainly the "dress rehearsal", in order to rehearse again little things, in order to drive then in the best way prepared on Sunday in one week to the Spvgg Erdweg.




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