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Sonderumlage Erneuerung

Photo release

The player - in the case of minors a legal representative - agrees that the photo provided, or future recordings as a single photo or as a team photo, may be used by their own club, DFB eV and its member associations and DFB-Medien GmbH & Co KG in print and online media, such as B. on the website of the club and association and on the online platform for amateur football "FUSSBALL.DE", including the associated mobile offers and printed matter in the context of team lists, game reports or live tickers and to the publishers of printed matter and providers may be transmitted by online media for the purpose of reporting on amateur and professional football.

Contribution collection/structure

Contributions are collected annually in advance. With the payment of the contribution and the possible admission fee (passport requirement, postage, ...) the declaration of membership becomes effective.

Financing artificial turf pitch

According to the decision of the general meeting of February 26, 2015, all members are obliged to pay a special contribution for the construction of the artificial turf pitch in the amount of €100.00 per membership in the years 2015 to 2018. This is due for the first time on June 30th, 2015 and then on June 30th. of every year. Members who after 30.06. of each year must pay the special contribution for the current year with the first membership fee.
At the general meeting of the year 2018, on June 7th, 2018, the annual special contribution was extended under point 7 by another 4 years, i.e. up to the year 2022 with €100.00 per membership. The application was accepted unanimously and is therefore still valid annually up to and including 2022. With my membership application, I agree to the annual special contribution.

club change

The club change fee (25 euros) and possibly the passport collection fee (25 euros) set by the BFV applies to young people up to the age of 18. For seniors, the BFV has set the club change fee at (50 euros) and possibly the passport collection fee at (30 euros). These additional costs must be paid by the new member and will be debited from the specified account.


The association's statutes are publicly available in the office and can be read again here .

I confirm that I am familiar with them and apply for my membership, recognizing the statutes.


Membership is an annual membership and must be signed by November 30th at the latest. of each calendar year in writing to the Board of Directors. Earlier resignation is not permitted according to the statutes. For terminations after 30.11. of each year the notice of termination is only effective on 31.12. effective in the following year. Even as a non-active member, the member must fulfill all of his/her obligations towards the association until the regular exit. In particular, these are obligations from membership fees and special contributions, as well as other resolutions that are made in the current financial year.


The membership is a so-called annual membership. This means that the member can only cancel at the end of a calendar year. Notice of termination must be given in writing no later than November 30 of each year by letter to

TSV Allach 09 registered association
e.g. Attn. of the board of directors
Enterstrasse 55
80999 Munich

or by email to:



Early terminations during the year will be effective December 31st. of the year of termination. Until then, the member has to fulfill all rights and obligations towards TSV Allach 09 eV according to the statutes and special provisions.

Please note that in the case of cancellations outside of the transfer periods, the active member may well be blocked. Find out from us about the possibilities of leaving during the calendar year or during the current season.


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